Welcome to Sadie Speaks

a safe and sacred space 

Welcome to a place of healing and hope after abuse. There is a certain ‘sisterhood’ and ‘brotherhood’ among women & men who have faced the countless varieties of abuse and its onslaught.  This is a safe space to engage with a lone  woman, on the journey of Faith, who found her voice on the tip of a pen and at the bottom of a make up brush. 


"There is no pit so deep, that God's love is not deeper still."

Corrie ten Boom


About Me

Sadie’s Not My Real Name

For years, I have written over 100 poems to try and make sense of my abuse and it’s obtrusive interaction with my real life.  In another season, I also found solace in building pottery and painting barns.  I finally decided to share my poetry and paintings in a forum that gives hope and provides sacred space for others to process pain. I founded Sadie Speaks : Finding Your Voice After Abuse with a mission to give others their voice by hearing mine. Take some time to explore the blog, read my story, and find your voice mingled in the echoes of my whispers, shouts, silence and songs.  May you find that the truth of your abuse ends with hope, tenderness, forgiveness and holding fast to Love. 


The Withering Bloom

But the withering, the withering Of spirit and soul The withering of the flower’s bud Is fall’s harvest goal

Armchair Quarterbacks

That’s the thing about armchair quarterbacks— that perfect American idiom— where a person can have an opinion or judgment about nearly anyth

Save Me

Because suffering alone is better by far Than to constantly be wishing upon a star And taking the sacred kin with me Out into the raging sea

Wanting To Die

It’s not like the years between wanting to die the first time and wanting to die the next didn’t hold heartache and pain, depression and los

Daydream Believer

So daydreams — though I have them— are often quieted by my own worldview, personality and life stages.

O Great Mathematician

O Great Mathematician, Who numbers the stars, What makes this world so hard? To You, Who counts every grain of sand, Why so much...

Only Little But Once

And so it’s true All that all the Grandmas ever told you That they grow up fast That the pitter patter of little feet won’t last No more...

Fall Barn Painting

I love fall and Autumn 'should be' bursting with color and vibrancy and the beauty of letting go. But, reality is not always as we imagine

Winter Barn Painting

I love this barn. It reminds me of the barn from the Little House on the Prairie series--tucked away on the open plains of Kansas or...

Spring Barn Painting

I was empowered to take pervasive messages and feelings brought on by toxic abusive people and turn them around to make art.

Time Passes

Time passes Suddenly No longer babies Girls, grown young Women Opinions, humor Sorrows, joys— Time passes. And I yet Not still grown...