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The Barn, My Shelter

I was born in a barn

In the shelter of you

Unpainted, untainted

Bare skin, brand new

And the barn became a stable

Where your strength took me in

Unhinged, unbridled

As we lay skin to skin

And what others meant for evil

With you, only good

Over years of weathered lumber

Your comfort, it stood

And bid me into the shadows of plenty

Called me to the loft for a romp in the hay

Lovingly waved your arms like the man and the birds

Day after day after day.

And the shack, the shed, the ugly

Gave way to something strong and true

The barn that is my shelter

The faithful farmer, you.

You sowed in me so patiently

Your love, I reaped the more

And I was born in a barn

In the shelter of you

I was born in a barn

Love’s threshing floor.

18 December 2018

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