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Save Me

If this magic potion can't save me

From this despairing sea

I don’t know where I’ll be

So please, send me away

Send me away

Send me,


If this strange-friend

Who of her soul doth lend

Can’t seem my soul to mend

Please, let me go away

Far away

Far, far


If waves keep crashing onto the shore

And there is not safety anymore

Please protect the helpless four

And get away from me

Get away,

Help them get


Because suffering alone is better

by far

Than constantly wishing

upon a star

And taking the sacred kin

with me

Out into the raging


So pray that magic & stranger-friend

Will join with the God who was sent

And calm the storm with His voice

So I can stay, and not go


and rejoice.

2 July 2002


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