Ruby Red Lips

Ruby red lips

Took me there

Behind the barn door

Young and scared

In the hay bails

Flirting and such

I tried to stop him

When it got too much

With my puppy love

Up in the loft

Entered the pit bull

To my pink toy poodle, shy and soft

And the barn trespasser

Certainly didn’t like

That sweet little thang

Having a sharp bite

So he shoved her, kicked her

Threw her to the floor

Her emotions echoed in the rafters

But only silence, outside the barn door

So no one believed

That sweet little thang

Got pouty lips that day

Lips that sting

And I lived my whole life

Covering up my dog days of summer

With color to make luscious

The lips that were simply numb-er

And my one last chance to make things right

Was to lather on the Revive

Over ruby red lips

Just maybe, maybe I would survive

Ruby red lips--Pouty ones too

Stammering, flattering, speaking deceit over again

The hounds only got louder

The voices of finite men

But oh that God would speak

And open His lips for me

And show me secrets of Wisdom

That I might truly be free

And fill my mouth with laughing

That my lips might rejoice