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Or Be It's Captive More

You placed a yoke around my neck

That was too heavy to bear

And it tied me to you in unspoken ways

Like oxen, in a pair

And I bore the burden loyally

And faithfully did my part

To guard the trusted secret

To protect your wicked heart

But the heaviness became greater

As the years passed by

And I confused my present reality

With tears I had never cried

And I think you took two things from me

Both my joy and my tears

And replaced them with numb sorrow,

Confusion, fears.

But this yoke is no longer mine

I am not your pair

I’ve traded it for another

This, you must bear

And the easy yoke of Christ

Will be my portion now

His burdens are light

That was His spoken vow

I will not run back to slavery

Or be its captive more

I will rest in the gentle and humble Savior

And learn from the yoke He bore

Come to Me, He said

Cast all your cares on Me

For I care for you, My child

Then, Now, Always, and for Eternity.

June 2008

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Oct 23, 2019

So thankful we can cast all our cares on him!!

May 12, 2022
Replying to

Me too!

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