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Only Little But Once

And so it’s true

All that all the Grandmas ever told you

That they grow up fast

That the pitter patter of little feet won’t last

No more ‘til morning is nighT’

No more calls to the poison control

No more repeated toe taps before a cartwheel

No more glip gloss

Just a quiet house

Whirring AC

Leftovers to last an eternity

Each one living far away

Surviving their own fairy tale every day

With prince to care for their tears and fears

Mama Bear seeing herself in their mirrors

And her whole life lives on other shores

Little people don’t live here anymore

Just memories penned in a baby book

Time became a thief, a crook

And Marmee became Grandmum

Lullabies only to hum

And she can’t help but repeat

The adages of old

To every new-kid-on-the-block she meets

Cherish the moments, Mama

They are only little but once

The pitter patter of little feet

The baby’s giggle so sweet

Will be a distant rumble soon

So hold them close, love them to the moon

And remember they grow up fast

Enjoy, cause these days don’t last.

August 2018

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