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Lonely for You

Updated: Jan 24

Lonely for You is a sort of ‘pre’ grief poem I wrote for a husband on the eve of his wife’s passing. As he waited by her bedside, she died the next day. Especially with long term illness, grief comes long before the funeral. Maybe this has been your experience in one way or another with loved ones. May your faith be restored.

Lonely for you

Forever lonely for you

In my bed

In my head

Wishing you were here

Wishing you were near





Instead, weeping



Emotional riot

So lonely for you

But God’s presence, near

Lonely for you

But the Great I Am,

He’s here

Be the Comfort


Great Calmer of Storms

Be Emanuel

God with Us

Protector from harms

I’m lonely for you

But His Presence is more

I’m lonely for you

Faith, restore.


Date withheld

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