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Lifeguards Are We

My husband is a man among men. In this blog space, I named him ‘Mr. Barnabas’ for reasons quite obvious to me, but allow me to further explain.

In the Christian Holy Scriptures, Barnabas was a follower of Christ described as “a good man, filled with the Holy Spirit and faith.” More, his name means ‘son of consolation’ or ‘son of encouragement’ and if that doesn’t describe my husband, I really don’t know what does.

con·so·la·tion /ˌkänsəˈlāSH(ə)n/


  1. the comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment

en·cour·age·ment /inˈkərijmənt,enˈkərijmənt/


  1. the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Very soon, I will have been married to this man, marked with an eternal optimism and enthusiasm, for thirty one years. By now, we know our differences and share varying degrees of sameness. We have weathered deep waters and rough undercurrents. We have discovered a uniqueness in each of our particular ways that seems opposite, but in the end - ever dependent on the life-saving and life-giving skills of the other.

Plainly, we are far from the shallow now.

At our wedding, we had these verses read,

Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers flood over it; Song of Solomon 8:7

And so this poem was born over many years of threatening waters. It is common for one to feel as though they are ‘drowning’ when overwhelmed by emotion, hardships; life. This poem is for us, wife to husband--but I hope it encourages your marriage. I hope you love again in a way that saves the other. I hope you love.

Mr. Barnabas has spoken into my story of healing from abuse since the onset of our relationship. Honestly, I would have drowned without him. I’m more in love with him than I’ve ever been. But even encouragers need encouragement and those given to consoling others need consoled, too. We are in this together and I am privileged to know him, to see him and to help him tread water the rare times he struggles to stay afloat.

We are on the journey of faith together. We are on the journey of life together. We are on the journey of love together. Each holding the other up. Because, many waters cannot quench love. Lifeguards are we.

I love you, Mr. Barnabas. - Sadie 🌺

Happy Anniversary, over and over and over again.

Lifeguards are We

I am deep waters


A swimmer, good

Wading through shallow tide

Diving headlong into violent waves

Standing knee-deep when the waters still

Bathing in the sea

And when the deep waters

Threaten to drown me,

You are lifeguard


Swimming out to meet me

Stroke after stroke

Bringing tugboat, rowboat, skiff

Every vessel of rescue—

To me,

deep waters--

Teeming to bring me to shore.

And I will swim strong one day

I will walk on water

Your faith will carry me.

You are a glassy sea


A skater, good

Gliding over troubled places

Twirling joy around all your fears

Above the surface, icy calm

Below, raging passion

But I know the man beneath the smooth sailing

The man with fears,

That threaten the sea’s quiet ways

Who trips over ice berg’s tip

And I will be lifeguard

When the ice crumbles

And I will bring warmth

When the water runs too cold

And I will bring ocean liner, speed boat, raft or ship

To save you from soul’s dangers

I will plunge with yellow submarine to find you,

If I must.

But you will walk on water some day.

My faith will carry you across.

You and me,


Like deep waters and glassy sea

We will survive the tide--

Lifeguards are we.

Saved by the other,


9 July 2016


As a gift for our 26th wedding anniversary.

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Katie Strob
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May 12, 2022
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May your marriage also reflect that deep bond of caring for one another.

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