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I Remember Hope

The pain, it’s numbing now

I don’t think that I can feel it


But when the burn cools

It will sting

And blister over

And I hope it doesn’t fester

I hope that when He removes

The bandages & the dead skin

That my heart will still be tender

That I won’t lash out at Him, at you, at myself

In my common self-destructive ways

I hope that I’ll understand that the stripping

The scrubbing of the outer layers of skin

Are only for my good

So the burn can heal

I hope I remember that He

Heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds

I hope that I can remember

That He is the Overcomer, in this world of trouble

I hope I remember to forgive,

So I can be forgiven

I hope I remember that

God sees, God avenges, God rewards

I hope I can remember

That He loves us.

That He actually loves us.

For when the burn is being stripped

It’s hard to think,

Let alone remember

And it’s hard to hope

But I do now

While the burn is still cooling

I remember


June 2007

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