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Grand Opening!

Simple Store and Not Much More!

Sadie Speaks has a store. One of the buttons at the top of the Home Page reads ‘SHOP’ and here’s why.

When I make art, I want to share it. There is something rewarding in another seeing value in one’s creation. Barn Paintings are often coupled with my writing and the pieces become personal - so in truth, I am giving you a part of myself when I share the art for purchase. Each barn painting will be an original piece, and the only painting of it’s kind.

When I sell journals and notecards, they are inextricably linked to my blog’s primary mission: finding your voice. Journaling is a well-known tool used in counseling, forgiveness, understanding one’s own emotions and personal growth. Journals from Sadie Speaks will hopefully inspire you in unique ways.

Notecards and letter writing are old school but a hand-written note sent via snail mail can communicate so much more than the sterility of the digital note. One can thank their heroes, write their loved ones and encourage those in their circle of influence who are struggling with abuse or it’s aftermath. It is another vehicle to use your voice - with pen and paper. Again, the art reproduced on the note cards may very well resonate with you in unique ways since it is generated from this website.

Frankly, canvas’, cosmetics, product, and shipping supplies cost money and if I could recover a bit of those costs, bonus! I’m hoping that you will find my prices fair and competitive as gifts or personal treats to keep you engaged in your own healing.

Last, it is a simple store and not much more. My goal is to offer Barn Paintings, journals, notecards, photo prints, and a guest artist’s coffee mug. My packaging will strive toward eco friendly and minimal. The ‘SHOP’ is to serve the blog— and that will always be my aim.

At least ten percent of my earnings will go back into organizations with a like-minded mission:

The Aruna Project

{developing artisans and skilled workers in India freed from the sex trafficking industry}


{Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment}

Courage to Change {Christian-based transitional housing facility for women struggling with issues such as substance abuse, repeated incarceration, homelessness, prostitution, unhealthy domestic issues and stabilized mental health issues}

Welcome to Sadie Speaks Simple Store! Open for Business! Fill your cart! Come back for more!

Thank you for your support!!

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