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Ruby Red Barn Painting

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Lipstick on canvas.

This barn was photographed on a lonely road in West Virginia. The only medium used to paint this piece was cheap and expensive lipstick, lip gloss and lip brush. The barn is colored with two shades of red lipstick, the dark windows are blackest berry (Maybelline) and the fence is a combination of vanilla high shine gloss by Bellatrix and plum rum by NYC. The grass and background tree are painted with a Dollar Tree brand called Pout it Out: Sinful Color and the 'gray skies' are my personal favorite, No 1642 MENTHA LIP TINT by CoBigelow APOTHECARY as purchased at Bath & Body Works. A product mentioned in the poem but not available during the rendering of the painting is REVIVE, a lip product designed to revive, plump and hydrate your lips.

This was my most difficult piece to date. One version of it ended up in the trash months ago as I had worked & reworked it too often and much.

To complete this piece, I took my fingertips to the entire canvas blending and defining and touching up. It soon became symbolic to me that our Lord took His Hands to my painful story and drew the imperfections out of it with His loving, healing touch. This is a deeply personal rendering of Ruby Red Lips, Redeemed.

The original painting will be for sale in the Shop, framed.

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