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There Once Was A Boy, Poem

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

There once was a boy with newspaper walls

I’ve heard the story many times

And I imagine he would read the printed page

With his one good eye

And a man was born from reading and writing

An intellect of the arguing kind

Who questioned the world, its ways and its heartaches

Time after time after time

But, he did find a Savior

And a beautiful bride

And four children cam their way

And my Dad was a faithful one, always to provide

He provided food and more food

Homes, too.

An angry voice that scared us

And a West Virginia heritage, to boot

But much more than that

He have a compassion to our hearts

To root for the underdog

To take their part

And so there are still stories

Written upon this boy’s walls

But they don’t make the papers

Or any ‘famous person’ halls

They are stories on an Appalachian man

Walking through the trees

Giving advice to grandkids

Making Scrabble look like a breeze

They are stories of ‘Wah-ee-may---o’

And ‘Damn nigh all’

Remembering the good ‘ol days

And the tales, they get tall

So scholar, farmer, father, man

Grandpa, husband, Dad and friend

With admiration and love

This poem I lend.


20 June 2004

His 46th Father’s Day

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