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Love Poems

For my husband,

I want to write love poems

To you

And press my words to

your skin

So that they tantalize

your senses

And numb mine from raging

For want of you.

I long to write our love story

Under starry night

As we plod our way through

real-life tragedies

But I’ll pen them as romantic-comedies

And we’ll never die,

Unless together---hand-in-hand---

Your body cupped against mine

As we meet the Creator

of us.

I want to write parables

of Love

Not darkness or tears

But Light

And all the while

I will author memoirs of you…

My dearly beloved.

I want to pen our life

As one long fairy-tale

And my words will be


The rest of my life fiction,

But you and me,

we are true

we are unfeigned

we are epic—

You, you are inscribed on my heart

and I can only scrawl and scribble its contents

and hope—someone—

will read my heart and see you.

And they’ll seem like stories

of Him

Because you have been

His shadow

Against the landscape of my being

You have been His shadow

Draped over my life in God-like ways

So that I know—His presence.



Whatever love stories you write today, mother/child, friend/friend, grief-stricken/comforter, lover/lover — know that Love is worthy to celebrate. God is Love. God demonstrates love. Let us strive to be God’s shadow so that another will know His presence in this life: in the stories of grief, in the parables of hardship, in the epic tales of joy and triumph and in the memoirs of unconditional love. Write love poems on someone’s heart today. Scribble and scrawl some measure of love for another today.

Because, you are loved.

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